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How To Transfer Airtime From One Glo Line To Another,

On globacom network, you can transfer or send credit or airtime from from one line to the other, which is known as Glo EasyShare.
To transfer airtime on glo (i.e glo to glo number) you will first of all need to set a password that you will be using the transactions. After which you can now transfer the airtime.

People do ask of how to transfer credit from glo to another network e.g Glo to mtn. Just be updated on this blog.

How to transfer Glo airtime from one line to another
To get this done kindly follow my steps below.

How To Transfer Airtime From One Glo Line ( Glo network ) To Another:

Step 1 : 

  • The default password for airtime transfer on Glo network is 00000 . 
  •  Dial this code : *132*00000*New Pin*New pin#.
» Replace New pin with the pin you wish to be using.
» For example; I want to use 23456 as my pin, I'll do it this way *132*00000*23456*23456#

Now that you've changed your password let's move on to the second step.

Step 2 : 

  • To transfer airtime you will Dail *131*Phone number*Amount*Pin# .

  • You will receive a confirmation message likewise the person you sent airtime.. if the transaction is successful.

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And don't forget to send airtime to the admin of this great site you can dial this code *131*07050565443*Amount*PIN# . Thanks in advance!!!.


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