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Intel Launching 5G Capable Laptops

Intel corporation popularly called intel is a super technological company one of the world's largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip makers. The company have announced the launching of 5G network enabled devices starting from the computer (laptop). More laptops will be launched in this light.

The XMM 8000 series modem will be granted the capability to run on the 5G networks and will take effect from mid 2019.

Knowing that 4G is a very faster connection service, the emergence of 5G will bring more very powerful networks having the capability to connect many things to each other to people and then to the cloud

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The 5G network will create a platform for services that consumes or highly make use of data and bunch of sophisticated cloud softwares to render or deliver smoothly and swiftly without an inch delay that it had ever been before. 

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This will eventually assist and transform lives by helping deliver a smart and connected environ with smart cities, self-driving cars and new industrial bedsit. Now, for all these to come to reality, networks must become faster, smarter and more brisk to handle the unprecedented increase in volume and complexity of data traffic as more devices become connected and new digital services are offered.

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So in conclusions, intel is lending a helping hand to drive this transformation of the network to modernize and fit up today’s communications foundation and build up baselines for 5G.

What do you think about this, share your perspectives in the comment section below.


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