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How To Correct “Application Not Installed” Problem On Android

Are you trying to install a particular application on your Android phone or tablet and you get an error message saying "Application Not Installed". I've experienced it before. In my own case, the particular app that I was trying to install was once used on that same Android phone before but latter I deleted it. On trying to install it back I got that error message " application not installed" I was shocked at first but latter it worked.
You're are lucky to find the solution here today. Let's briefly go through how to fix this issue of Application Not Installed.

Possible Causes :
Before we can talk on how to fix the problem I think we need to know the possible causes of the error in installation problem so as to know what to guard against (the do and don't) in other to prevent it from occurring again.
  • The first possible cause is : you Disabled Installation Of Apps From Unknown Sources. This means that you have instructed your phone not to download any application from any website apart from Google play store and other trusted portals.
  • Secondly, if the app you want to install it was poorly created or coded by the owner(programmer), it will also lead to such error message.
  • Thirdly, incompatibility : if the app you're trying to install isn't compatible with your phones' Android version then, you will also get this error message. For example, you're using Android version 4.4 and the application is meant to work with Android see now!!!.
  • Fourthly, Insufficient installation memory : it can also happen when your phone memory(space) if full.
  • Lastly, invalid / expired application signature : All apps have certain expiry date. So, might be that you want to install an app with expired certificate Or the other way round( installing another version of app with an entirely different signed certificate).
Having know the possible causes let see how you can fix all the problems.

Possible Solutions : 
  • Before anything reboot your phone first. Try to install the app after rebooting.
  • The solution to the first point above : Allow installations of apps from unknown sources. To do this go to your phone settings » security » allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Solution number 2 : avoid downloading apps from untrusted sites, try as much as possible to always download from Google play store it is safe pace.
  • Solution number 3 : look for the version of that app that will work with your phone or upgrade to a higher version that that particular app requires.
  • Solution number 4 : Free up spaces, make sure you're having enough space on your phone before install such application. You can purchased a SD card(memory card) for your phone.
  • Change installation location from your download settings to let system decide or automatic.

Other Solutions :
  • Make sure your memory card is not connected to a computer while installing.
  • Another thing you do is to contact the owner or developer of the app on the installation processes in case that app requires it.

If after doing all this you still got that same error message then , I will tell you the last thing you will do to get it solved. Please don't try it until you've participated in all the steps above. 
Now, what you will do is to reset or wipe you Android phone (firstly backup you phone memory and contacts then remove card) then you're free to wipe your phone and it will surely cooperate.

I'm glad you gotten what you've been searching  for, share with friends and family. If you have any question regarding any topic kindly put it in the comment box below.


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