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Don't Abandon Your Old Smartphones - See 6 Best Uses Of Old Smartphones

So many technological companys are now into the business of manufacturing smartphones, and as a smartphone lover we tend to get the latest device in town with better functions and abandon the previous phone we are making use of even though it's not faulty.
The rate at which new phones are being launched is proportional to it purchase. Continuous purchase of these new phones leaves us with so many collections of old phones that are abandoned. 
Do you know that instead of leaving those phones like that to waist and be useless it can be a life saver and help in saving your hard earned money?. Yes, I mean it!. We will briefly discuss the usefulness of old smartphones.

6 Best Uses Of Old Android Smartphones.

1. Security/Spy Camera :
I sometimes ago talk about how you can use andriod smartphones as a spy camera. There I explained all what you need to know about it in that post.
Best Uses Of Old Smartphones, Security spy app camera phone

Having an old/unused smartphone can help to maintain a secured environment at home or office. You can install some apps suchs as " IP webcam " or " IP phone camera ". Instead of spending huge on get an IP security camera ,you can just install them and monitor it from your computer system.

2. Wireless Trackpad For Your Computer
Wireless Trackpad For Your Computer
Your old smartphone can awesomely serve as trackpad to control your computer functioning as a mouse or keyboard so you don't need to purchase a wireless track pad computer again. 

Get a tool such as " Touchpad " OR " Remote Trackpad " on that android device and you're good to go.

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3. For Scientific Research
Scientific Research problems and project
It can be used for different scientific research purposes. You can contribute to scientific research programs by using app like BOINC made available by Space Sciences Laboratory Or Galaxy zoo app. Select whichever category you wanna contribute. It will be helpful to you and the world at large.

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4. Remote Desktop Controller
Do you want to control Computer at home or office right from those old phones, yeah, you've got a very nice tool. 
Remote desktop controller

Kindly get chrome desktop controller installed on your desktop and also on your old android HERE. All for free, now you're good to go.

5. Wi-Fi Universal Remote
Set up your smartphone as a remote for WiFi streaming videos. 
WiFi universal remote

You can use a WiFi streaming stick like chromecast stick or any other good ones you have, so, get the app of these sticks from the playstore and simply use the smartphone as a remote controller.

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6. Source of income
The last thing I will discuss on what you can use your smartphone phones for is - as a source of income. How? ,do you know that there are some people that are searching exactly for that your smartphone that you called "old" ,they actually need it doe for special purposes. to make money
You can simply sell your smartphone on any of these useful E-commerce company such as Selling it online will generate more income to you than one-on-one business because you will be  less considerate when it's online.
Create account on, Gazelle, eBay  etc. put up your advert at a reasonable price and you'll definitely get buyers.

Yeah, that's indeed the 6 best things you can use your old smartphones to do instead of leaving it lying waisting.

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