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Top 7 Font Managers For Windows In 2018

Font management software is utility software that a computer user uses to browse and preview fonts in real real term and typically to install and uninstall fonts. 

Font managing softwares is dependent on the capabilities of the user. It can be use for the following:

  • To protect fonts that are required by the system by preventing them from being uninstalled.
  • To organize fonts by groups and libraries.
  • To get rid of corrupted fonts.
  • To rename font files.
  • Viewing of fonts that are not currently installed.
  • printing font samples or font books. To mention but a few.

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Those that use font managing softwares such as the graphic designers , publishers (such as book publishers and news and periodical publishers), web-site designers,
interface designers , illustrators , packaging designers , typeface designers, letterpress printers and so on. They all need fonts as a basic part of their job. 

Since most operating systems come with basic font management abilities, limited to installing or uninstalling; however, people who use many typefaces need font management software with more capabilities.
Below are the list of the Top 7 Font Managers For Windows.

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Top 7 Font Managers For Windows In 2018

1.  SkyFonts : SkyFonts is the first manager i'm talking about due to it awesomeness. It features the following : Installation, downloading and activation of fonts in real time. 
Top Font Managers For Windows In 2018
Secondly, it comes with more than eleven thousand fonts which you can easily subscribe to. Thirdly, it stimulates the user to test the fonts in your design apps, even before they're been purchased.
Lastly, you can GET IT HERE FOR FREE.

2.  FontExplorer X Pro : Though it's not free, but I can't assure you that you'll sure enjoy it.
FontExplorer X Pro comes with the capability of customizing previews, gives detailed information about the font, and character view to get the detailed information of fonts. 
Secondly, it features spotlight, Dark mode and optimized for retina displays is a few of them. Thirdly, you can easily print and backup your work. Lastly, you can GET IT HERE at $99 (check current price).

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3.  Flipping Typical : flipping typical automatically detect all the fonts, and with these you can access numerous fonts. It's so simple to use.

4.  NexusFont : It's an easy-to-use manager. With NexusFont, users can compare, manage and select fonts with well-organized features. 
Preview fonts in progress and You can GET IT HERE FOR FREE.

5.  AMP Font Viewer : It's also a very important and useful font manager that can preview the installed and uninstalled fonts.
 It's available in both English and Spanish language. You can GET IT HERE FOR FREE.

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6.  FontBase : Fontbase is actually one of the best to have within your reach. The developer made it available  , Mac, and Linux. It also features the capabilty to create and manage collections and explore the default ones. 
And lastly, it displays unmatched performance in displaying and loading fonts. You can GET IT HERE FOR FREE.

In conclusion, I want to mention "Font viewer".

7.  Font Viewer : With this lightweight software called font viewer, it's easy to understand and access. It supports the export of lists to a text format of font viewer format [.text or .fv] .
 Users can get to change colour, background and size swiftly.

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I have done my part, it's now over to you to share, invite your friends here and also drop your comment so we would know your feelings as regards this topic.
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