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Power All Your Apps With Glo Night YouTube Subscription Plan

Are you there you're using glo night YouTube subscription plan the only thing you've used it for so far is only to wake-up by 1:00am, stream and download videos, then, you have to read this tutorial carefully as it will help you to enjoy your data better by using it for other things. 
In this tutorial you'll learn how to make the glo night YouTube subscription plan not limited to only YouTube activities but also powering all other applications successfully.
If you're are new user on this blog and you don't know how we arrived at this topic kindly read up Here so that you will have a better understanding then you can continue with us.

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Now, you need certain files before all you apps can be powered so, you will download these softwares 👇:

👉 HTTP Injector (SSH/Proxy/VPN) 4.2.3 - goto Google play store to download or HERE .

👉 Ehi Tunneling File 1 (Germany Server) for Http Injector - Download HERE .

👉 Ehi Tunneling File 2 (USA Server) for Http Injector - Download HERE .

👉 Ehi Tunneling File 3 (Netherland Server) for Http Injector - Download HERE .

Note : The first software is the main file that you need, the other three(Ehi tunneling) are the files that the first software will work with(they have been configured correctly).

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➦ After a successful downloads of the files, install and open the first software (HTTP injector).

➦ Click on " file " at the right-top of the app and import any one of the Ehi files from your device ››» Tick DNS (Default DNS) ››» Click on " Start "  ››» enjoy the speed.......
Don't forget to share me data o...lolz.

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Also note : In case you get a response "cannot authenticate" incorrect username or password message, all you need to do is to update the servers at the left-hand side of the App.
I will advice that you should start using it from 1:00am to 5:00am ( not 5:30am)

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