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Here Is A Gift For Today's First Post Reader

We want to use this privileged to hail and thank all Damytechsites for the good support you guys have been giving to us.
You guys meant a lot to us and we hope to experience more/better of that here on Damytechs blog. 

We want to admonish us all that, after reading a post please kindly share and drop a comment under the post.
Leaving a comment after reading a post on damytechs blog encourages other readers to find interest in reading the post. Secondly, encourages other readers to also drop a comment after reading. Thirdly, captivate the attentions of users who just logged-in to check one or two stuffs(passersby). Fourthly, it helps damytechs blog to grow better. Finally, it tells us what you felt after reading the post thereby, teaching the administrator on his to serve your better.

The precautions for dropping comments ⌨ on damytechs blog are :

  • Always leave a comment that relates to the post content/topic after reading.
  • Always drop reasonable comment in form as either a question, to clarify something, or even help others to understand better.
  • Avoid typing short comments/phrase e.g wow, cool post, great, nice one, good know them all,you know what i'm saying. Let your comments to be atleast lengthy and reasonable. 

In the light of this, at the end of February we are going to award the top commenter with recharge airtime.

Remember that tomorrow is 1st of February so you can start right away so as to take the position and win the price. Its gonna be fun ..can't wait to announce the winner here live.😍😘😀

I know that by now you would have been wondering "haha, where is the gift for the haven't forgotten though...
For being the first reader of today's post :
Airtel - 1068802015773848
Glo - 647786178180551
Lets us know if you're the one who got this airtime(drop a comment below). Using a standard broswer such as chrome, firefox,phx or any browser on computer just create or Sign-in to your account then come back to this page to comment OR alternatively, comment as anonymous.

I want you to know that this is just a token for being the first reader of this blog post. The winner of the February top commenter will receive more than this to all networks.

"Spend more time on damytechs, receive more reward!!!."

Oya....don't carry last oooo...



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    Mehhnnn, guys don reach here ooo...chaii