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Self-healing Glass Developed By Japanese Student, Can This Be Used To Prevent Smashed Screens?.

A Japanese university student from Tokyo "Yu Yanagisawa" ,while trying to make a material that will serve as a glue ,stumbled on a glass material that heals it self back after being broken/deformed during the cause of his experiment.

He made the Glass from a low weight polymer called “polyether-thioureas” - highly robust mechanically which when broken it join back within 30secs by pressing together with hand at a temperature of 21°c and becomes strong and tough under few hours.

Actually, this is not the first self-healing material that is in existence but that its the first hard substance of its kind that can be healed at room temperature within few period of time.
Few years ago Lg made a smartphone that can heal up Scratches. I considered it not efficient enough because it only deal with Scratch. These particular recently developed self-healing glass heals more than just a Scratch but cracks and breaks.

Watch  the video preview below: 

Yu Yanagisawa said to NHK  "I hope the repairable glass becomes a new environment-friendly material that avoids the need to be thrown away if broken"

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With this, I think the days of shattered smartphones could come to an end. We hope scientists and Tech companies will start to work on this new discovery of Yu Yanagisawa so as to bring an end to screen of phones being shattered and thrown away - major problem faced by phone users.

Over to you my great readers, what benefit/impact could this discovery add/make to the technology world at large?.


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