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How To Make Your Android’s Notification Tray More Neat And Clear

You are the type that always receive tens of notifications every single minute of the day this article is for you.
As a business person you tend to receive multiple notifications especially if you are involved in online transactions. 

Nowadays, we use lots of apps on our Android smartphone such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email App, SMS, Twitter e.t.c, these apps mentioned above, they all have a system that automatically sends notifications to your device, this notifications makes the "notification bar" very clumsy/rough.

In this awesome tutorial there is a specially designed App I'm about to unleash to you will help  you to be able to properly organise your device's "notification tray" thereby make it look clean and neat.

How To Make The Notification Tray Neat.

Features Of Notification Hub:
- All your apps notifications prioritised in one place
- Hide non-important notifications from Android's notification drawer
- Get a notification summary widget
- Graphs & Analytics for your notifications
- View notifications by place, time & priority.

With the help of this app called Notification Hub -  It prevent continuous listing of messages from the same sender, instead, it list only the first notification and then any other notification from that same sender; it simply write the number of messages (notification) received from the same person.

Now, to access the full message ,simply click on the interested notification, all will be visible.

How To Download The App:

Kindly goto Google Play and search for it.
OR maybe I should help you with the shortcut path to get it from Google Play


How To Use The App:

⇛ After a successful download, click on the app to install it.
⇛ Launch the and select(mark) the apps will be bundled together in a clean interface. Click the ‘Forward’ button
⇛ Here, You will to Grant all the permissions that it asked. Just click on “Allow”.
⇛ Press the home button and you're done!.

Enjoy a neat and clean notification interface.
Something I forget to tell you earlier is that you don't need to Root your device (phone) before you can use this app OK! it free for everyone's use.

You've learnt something that you have been long searching for it now your turn to fo us well by sharing this article and also drop your comments.


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