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Dec.2017 Stats: Oreo's Distribution Number Nearly Doubles As Nougat's Share Continues To Grow

Nougat( i.e OS 7.0+) continually make gains in terms of growth, where it cumulatively added an extra 2.7% to its portion of the pie chart as seen below:

Then, Oreo has almost doubled to 0.5%.
Though Oreo 8.1 has been launched it's but not included in the above table and chart.

You might think that Oreo's gains seems to be very minute, but the fact is that when compared to Nougat it increased ever so slightly faster than Nougat 7.0 did this long after its launch .

Normally, and as it used to be that it take some time for a new version to build up steam/strength (and OEM support). Since only a handful of phones have been updated to 8.0 since last month, it makes sense. 

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Nougat's total combined rise of 2.7% isn't quite so high as last month's relatively significant 2.8% increase, but it still represents good progress for the platform. 

We will see what will happen in the next update on OS distribution numbers - OREO vs NOUGAT!.

What's your say about this topic??.


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