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Checkout This Latest Firefox Quantum Browser That Is Faster Than Chrome

Quantum browser is a web broswer designed by the popular Mozilla firefox company. I have been using this browser for some times now and it's cool using it- i mean it works very fine & good.

If you can recall a particukar post where i talked about how you can fix google chrome over-ram consumption problem, taking a look at Mozilla Quantum the browser is two times faster and 30% lighter than Google Chrome browser; meaning that, it can handle an equal load as chrome does and still freeup 30% memory less than chrome. In other words, less consumption of RAM.

After a successful testing of the new Firefox Quantum web browser it without doubt meetup with their expectations.

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Key You Should Know About This Quantum Browser:

  • Quantum browser is available for all smart devices such as computer, android , Windows etc.
  • Quantum browser open pages with lightning speed, and consumes lesser RAM.
  • A feature the enables it quickly search using any search engine you want.
  • "Google" remains the default search engine, and you're free to change to any other one you want.
  • Ability to screenshot and share without using a third party app or add-on.
  • Ability to save your information such as history and password. Your passwords are saved somewhere in the browser known as "Logins" ,there you'll find also you saved passwords.

How To Download :

If You are interested in downloading the Firefox Quantum kindly visit »» 
HERE NOW ,then click on the download button as shown below.

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