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Atomic Fingerprinting : Best Way To Bring A Stop To Products' Counterfeits

Use atomic fingerprinting to stop counterfeiting

  As we all know that we are now in an era where fake products are now produced as a counterfeit of an original product. This has led to so many frustrations as people encounter this false products.

I remembered sometimes ago, I went to a very famous store to get a new and original battery for my phone. On the battery it had a label named 'original' as I put in coats. I paid the price of getting an original one with the trust that the store sold original products. I never expected the aftermath,after fully charging the battery as I was instructed, I switched on my phone and at the bar case it showed 100%, so happy I got an original battery I started using my phone. Although I didn't do so much with it, I had not spend up to two hours when I found out the battery was low. 

I decided to make a complaint to the store the next day. On getting there, I explained all to the sales girl who took me to the branch manager who gave me several reasons why neither my money nor another battery could be refunded. I was confused and annoyed but it couldn't change anything. I continued to use the so called 'original' battery i bought.

Furthermore, this case of counterfeits has also eaten deep into the pharmaceutical industry where people buy fake drugs such as paracetamol tablet that would form into a towel as soon as it gets in contact with water. But a special thanks is given to science, scientists and technology that has brought about a way to stop fake, harzadious and sophisticated products this medium of anti-counterfeiting is called "ATOMIC FINGERPRINTING".

The new anti-counterfeiting method has two components: (1). a unique molecular pattern that can be incorporated into a holographic label and (2). a smartphone app.

The unique pattern is created by constructing some things into an atom-thin layer of material, such as graphene oxide. This may include removing a carbon atom, or adding extra oxygen atoms, or creating a ridge of atoms. Once this is done, the material is incorporated into an ink and then printed on an hologram using an inkjet printer after which can be added as a label to any product.

When this is successfully done, a product with the atomic fingerprinting is purchased, the buyer would confirm the presence of the atomic pattern by using a smartphone camera and its built-in flash to photograph the label. The flash excites the atoms, which produce a unique color based on the pattern. A corresponding app can instantly analyze the image and confirm whether the label is authentic or not. 

This solution to such an extensive problem like counterfeiting can be adopted by a large number of people and industries at large. Its a technique that is easy to incorporate and analyze which can enable that it is widely adopted and much faster. 

This method can be adopted in the automotive industry, where parts are already spray-painted with labels and also in the pharmaceutical industry to save lives. More than thirty percent(30%) of counterfeit pharmaceuticals don't contain the correct active ingredient and People purchase these things, believing they're real, but they're not being treated for the disease. 
Let's all help say no to counterfeits and embrace this new method of atomic fingerprinting by commenting and sharing.

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Thank you.


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