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5 best foosball apps for Android and Apple

author-picAbout author
Mark is a foosball player who has a blog where he writes everything about foosball. On his blog you can read about foosball history, foosball table and other parts or even how to foosball tutorials.

1.  Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio

The reason why I have put this Android game app in the first place is the fact that I find it better than the rest. When you look at its design, features, and options you can see that it has them all. It looks amazing, kind of resembles the real football tournament and you will feel like you are on the real foosball table. Also, you can choose the mode you want to play: World League, Tournament, and Challenges, you can choose the team from 51 countries all over the world and you can open even more possibilities with completing Challenges. Now, this is all for 1 player, but you can also play foosball with your friend because there is a 2 players option.

2.  Let’s Foosball Free – Table Football by Nieo Tech Co., Ltd

This is an application made for Apple devices and it is pretty good. The only reason why it isn’t in the 1st place is the design. When you look at it, it looks too childish for my taste. What I like about this app is the fact that you can change the camera view. Also, you can improve your skill because there are 4 levels of difficulty. So, if you are a rookie or an experienced fooser, you will find your match here. There is one option which I am not sure about it. It is multiplayer which means you can have 4 players at once. It does sound extra interesting but you will have to stand really close to fit on one screen.

3.  Foosball by White Collar Games

This is a pretty good app made for Android, but it can’t offer you the ability to play a tournament. It is more focused on 1 or 2 player option and every feature it has, it about it. You can change the length of the match and you can change the number of scored goals before the match ends. So, you can put the time limitation and score limitation and that is enough for a 2 player match. The app has two bonus modes and those are the Slow Motion and the Super Ball.

4.  Foosball by NAVU App

Another foosball app made for Android, which has more cons than pros. For example, the design is pretty childish, everything is blue and red, but you can choose to play with someone or with CPU, or you can play tournament. And that is pretty much everything you can choose. Also, you control the rods with arrows and that can be pretty.

5.  Foosball by Illusion Labs 

The last app I will talk about is made for Apple devices and it is on the 5th place because it is not user-friendly at all. There is one option you can change and that is the 3 levels of difficulty. Everything else is pretty much the same. You can’t choose the color of your team, you can’t choose the length of the match or the number of goals before the game ends. It is a rather simple app and due to the lack of options I assume it is made for kids. 

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