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This Is How You Can Maintain Your Cd/Dvd discs & Dvd Player For a Long Lasting Usage.


What is a DVD ?
            A DVD is a digital optical disc storage format that might contain or store any type of digital data and is commonly and widely used for software’s e.g. games, and other computer files as well as movies, videos, music, watched or played using DVD players.
 The full meaning of DVD is digital versatile disc or digital video discwhile the full meaning of CD is compact disc.
CD/DVD disc

This format was invented and developed by Philips,   Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba in 1995.
DVD offers higher storage capacities than CD’S while having the same dimension. Different DVD’s have different storage capacities some of which have 4.7GB (single-sided, single-layer) which is very common as we know, 8.5GB (single-sided, double-layer), 9.4GB (double-sided, single-layer) e.t.c.

Now, A DVD player: is an electronic device that reads the disc and play the contents on it be it music, videos, movies or games.
A DVD player

            Both the DVD and DVD player might develop faults and malfunction. Therefore they need some maintenance occasionally. ‘OCCASIONALLY’ here does not mean ‘REGULARLY’ as it can cause more problem as will be discussed later. Faults might develop as a result of somethings such as mishandling, improper maintenance, or fake products. Although i will discuss with you about some proper maintenance and precautions of DVD and DVD player, you must also make sure that these are properly put into practice to ensure long life span of your DVD and DVD player.
         Below are the listed and recommended precautions for DVD (disc) :
Ø  Do not hold the disc at the silvery or shiny surface as oily hand can attract dust and cause scratches that can make the disc to freeze or skip while being played.
Ø  If the disc is not in use it is advisable to remove from the player and kept in their case or sleeves to prevent dust and scratches.
Ø  The disc should be held carefully at the edge.
Ø  Do not expose disc to direct sunlight, heat or rain (i.e. moisture) as it can cause damage of the disc.
Ø  Do not clean the disc with just anything material but with some solutions such as methanol (i.e spirit), disc cleaner, isopropyl alcohol; and it should be applied on a lint free cloth or soft cotton and gently wiped on the disc in a straight line and not in a circulatory method to prevent scratches.
Ø  Also for scratches on discs they can be taken care of by polishing with disc repair kits (e.g. disc cleaner)which can be purchased in any electronics store.

 Now, the second part which is the preventive precautions for DVD players; read them below carefully:
  Remove from connections to power source when not in use.
  ‘FREQUENT’ cleaning should be avoided to prevent destroying the lens or the laser of the player. Cleaning can be done once in a month.
  The DVD player has a laser lens that can be affected by dust which can in turn affect the normal functioning of the DVD player. To prevent this, the player can be cleaned through the following processes:
·         Unscrew the top cover screws of the DVD player using a screw driver or set of tools.
·         Blow off the disposable dust off the laser lens with compressed air,
·         Get a lint-free cloth or soft cotton and moisten it with DVD disc cleaner(e.g. isopropyl alcohol, spirit/methanol),
·         Wipe the lens gently with care
·         Allow the solution (i.e. isopropyl alcohol, methanol/spirit) to dry by blowing cool air and waiting for few minutes,
·         After the lens has completely dried, the DVD player should be reassembled.
Picture showing the Laser Lens of a DVD player

That is all about the maintenance of both a DVD and DVD player.  In case you might need to get a DVD player for yourself here is a list of some very good DVD player which has been rated so far as one of the best DVD player:
§  PowerDVD
§  WinDVD
§  Jriver Media center
§  DVD X Player
§  Blaze DVD
§  Zoom Player
§  BS. Player
§  Aiseesoft

§  Aurora.
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