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Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Not Working: 5 recommended Alternatives To Share Files.

We all know how easy & fast it is nowadays to share files between a device and the other. The progressive and rapid advancement in technology brought about the existence of so many varieties of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, ipads e.t.c [specifically smart phones].

These smart phones have at least two(2) media for file transfer which are “Bluetooth” and “Wi-Fi direct”, which i believe that most of us prefer using “wi-fi” to Bluetooth. May be due to the speed at which datas are being transferred.

But come to think of this, what of those that had the two media of data transfer disabled on their phone, is there any other method/means such person can use to transfer files from a particular device to another or do you think  that is simply the end for them? Oh No!!!. Remember that where there is a will there must surely be a way, that’s why am writing an article on this topic today so that you can be enlightened & know how to go about it.The end has not yet come  because your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is not working, there are actually other ways you can get files into your device even without the two medium mentioned above.
Below are some other recommended ways in which files can be transferred:

1)  USB CABLE:  All smartphones have a USB cable that comes with it, when just purchased new, if yours  is no more working again(can’t connect to pc successfully) you will need to go to an  electronic shop and purchased one that works perfectly with your phone.

The functions of a USB cable are:
·         Charging capability:  it charges your device.
·         Phone to pc data connection: connects your device to pc.

After a successful connection to the pc (computer), it will show on the computer as “detected”.So you can simply  scrol to the folder where the file is, and make use of the control copy and paste command[ to copy=> ctrl+C. and to paste=> ctrl+V ]

2)  NFC (Near Field Communication):   This NFC (Near field communication) can only exchange data between two devices with a distance less than 10 cm apart (it might be increased latter) meaning that it  is  a  short ranged communication technology . A device that has NFC-powered ability will be able to exchange data with another NFC enabled device.
The functions of NFC in a device are:

  • Can make digital transactions e.g. bills and credit card/debit card payments at a very high security  protection.
  • Transfer of phone data.   


How to go about it:

  • Cut and paste/Copy and paste your files into your internal phone memory then delete the data on the memory card.
  • Remove the SD  CARD and insert into the device you need a  file from;
  • copy of all what you need and insert it into your own device.

4)  THE INTERNET: With the aid of good internet connections, upgrade in internet network  from  2G  to 3G ,not only that we now have 4G LTE;a super fast internet network connection ,which makes you surf the internet swiftly and smoothly.

You can also make use of the internet as a medium for file transfer . How? ,through the use of some applications namely :

  • Messaging app : such as  whatsApp (a widely used social messaging app, download it HERE) ,  Facebook, email services. Messaging apps can mainly be used for small or light data  transfer.
  • File sharing sites :
     *     Google drive
     **   Dropbox
     *** Zippyshare  etc.
After uploading the files to any of the above file sharing site, you then give out your link so that the person that needs it can download it to the device.
With this method, you can share large file online and easily get it on your device.

5)  The last method i will recommend is “USB Device + OTG” : OTG means “On The GO”. It is a feature that comes with the most Android phones. If it also came with your phone then you can connect a USB device or USB flash drive to the phone using OTG cable.

 So, once connected, all the phones' data can be easily copied to the USB device and there you go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any other data/ file sharing method you know about?... please let us know via the comment section below.
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  2. You are welcome, am glad you learnt from it!