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How To Repair The Mouth-Piece Of Your Phone- Do It Yourself

In today’s discussion am gonna teach you how you can make your mobile phone that had a faulty or damaged mouth-piece to work again and perfectly without visiting any engineer's shop.


A Mouthpiece is a component that converts sound signal into an electrical signal, it then transfers it through your network to your caller and also makes you to hear whatever you've recorded.

Everyone of us uses a mobile phone that’s why u’re able to read this very article. Its commonly reported that some phones do have mouth-piece problem after few weeks or months of purchase. I will advise here that you should not just jump on any phone that you see in market, take your time to checkout on the quality of the product/model you want to buy.

You don’t need to be an engineer before u can perform some little exercise on your phone because you’ve visited the right website where you can get practical tutorials full and free...

There are some instruments(tools) we are going to use in the cause of this training so you need to buy them so that you will not always borrow from people, when you have yours you can easily lay hold on it whenever you need it for your phone ,electrical gadgets or loved ones. To get these tools visit any electrical shop ,ask for solding iron, solding lead and engineering tools.

phone repair tools and screw drivers
phone repair tools
Electrical soldering iron
soldering iron

Soldering lead
soldering lead

NB: If your callers “always” complain that they don’t hear you clearly/at all ,its also a mouth-piece disorder.
Follow me carefully as I solve the problem now. Just two steps 


From what I said earlier you should now understand what a mouth-piece is, good!
After you’ve bought the complete tools' pack ,pick an engineering tool that have an exact match with the “nut” of the phone you want to loose. OK!, » now loose it and carefully bring out the panel of the phone out of the body (craker).
Note: Don’t force it out of the “craker” so as to avoid the damage of any resistor or any other unit.

Goto the lower part of the phone, you will see the mouth piece there.Here ,u’ll either see a tiny wire on the mouth-piece disconnected or everything well connected but mouth-piece damaged, so any of the two cases u notice ,just replace with the new one you bought and solder it back then you are done!!!

TO TEST: Goto your phone menu and click or tap on record, » record anything » save what you’ve recorded and hear it working CLEARLY and LOUDDD…… Hurray you are now an engineer!!!!!!

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How To Know/Check Your Current Tariff Plan-All Networks

Hello guys how are you doing , i believe you are all fine.......dahts great!!

Am sure that very few of us know the tariff plan in which we belong on our respective network services.

Why do you need to Know It?

You need to know your tariff plan so as to know which one will favor you most in terms of their call rates, data bundles/plan, promo and other enjoyable services. For example, on my own personal glo line; whenever i recharge am always given free credit(for both inter and intra-network calls), data bundle and so on. So , if you don’t know your package then you’ll be suffering silently cuz you don’t which of the plan will be most favorable to u.

Many persons always complain to me that whenever they recharge and start making calls ;their credit always run-off very fast.
It’s unfortunate that most/all service providers do place the subscribers on expensive tariff plan so as to maximize profit, but since you are innocent about it you just see that your credit is not always enough for you.
Do you know that you can actually talk for hours with little credit?, this can be so when you are on an affordable call tariff plan/package.

Dial the codes below as stated on their respective networks.

For Airtel: dial *121*2*1#
For Glo: dial #100#
-you may get a response like USSDC:ESME, keep dialing the code until it display ur tariff plan.
For Mtn: dial *123*1*2#
For Etisalat: dial *244*33#
After knowing your tariff plan and you wish to know the benefits of the plan or you wish to change to another plan, you can call the care center with this numbers.

Customer lines:
For Airtel: dial 111 or 121 (both working)
For Glo: dial 121
For Etisalat: dial 200
For Mtn: 180.

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Major Reasons Why Search Engines Might Have Been Ignoring Your Website

There have been so many complains here and there especially from those that are newbie to blogging saying that Google and other search engines are not indexing their entire website though they submitted it week ago and so on... This is very true but i want you to know that nothing actually happens without a cause or reason.
You may be experiencing this due to all or some of the following reasons i have shortlisted below, checkout the one you are guilty of and make necessary corrections or changes.
They are listed as follows:

(1) Inability for search engines to read your web page content: 

Know this,that search engines do make use software programs to get your website/web pages indexed. A web page that looks so great to the eye can be totally “meaningless” to search engines, and may completely ignored.If you have a good looking web site that is “meaningless” to search engines, you will not be able to obtain high search engine rankings with that web site no matter how cool and interesting your web site content maybe. In general, search engines cannot detect your content which is presented in images (PNG, JPEG, GIF e.t.c.), Flash elements, JavaScript and other script languages or any other multimedia file formats.So now you need find out how search engines see your web page, use a search engine spider simulator. The free IBP trial has a fully functional spider simulator that gives you an opportunity to see your web pages through the eyes of a search engine.

(2) Check for “Noindex” in the Meta settings:If you add NOINDEX in your meta tag settings it means you do not want bots to indexed your website at all.

So, make sure they are not included in the tag and if included then remove it.

(3) Your web pages may contain spam elements:
If your site contains a unit of spam element it is capable of destroying all your SEO work. If you make use “hidden text” or other spam elements on your web page then many search engines will not list your web site, no matter how great its content might be.
If you use white text on a white background, text in invisible CSS elements or similar elements that might be interpreted as spam then you should remove these elements as soon as possible. It will be difficult to get high rankings if your web pages contain spam elements.

Only Submitting your web site to search engines is not just enough. If you want to get high rankings you must make sure that search engine spiders can access your web pages without problems.

Finally, make sure that search engine spiders finds out the right content on your web pages and your site must have enough inbound links.

Note: use the IBP program to help make your website more prominent on the search engines.

(4) Site de-indexation:

This literally means that search engines stop to index your website and even delete the ones that have been indexed afore time. This problem may be as a result of your website accommodating so many spam contents, regular changing of your url, publishing of fake articles and that are irrelevant.

(5) Copy/paste or contents:

I believe we all know what this means, you continue posting others person’s articles directly without acknowledging the real owner, and you expect your website to be indexed how will that work, i can assure you that if you continue that way your website will later get banned and you will loose your website and your work will turn to a waist.

If more than a URL on the same website are linking to multiple pages with the same contents then you may likely have a duplicate content issue affecting your site
So make sure all your contents are original or unique.
Find and delete all duplicates on your web site then you will see the changes on how search engines will start indexing your site.

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