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How To Know/Check Your Current Tariff Plan-All Networks

Hello guys how are you doing , i believe you are all fine.......dahts great!!

Am sure that very few of us know the tariff plan in which we belong on our respective network services.

Why do you need to Know It?

You need to know your tariff plan so as to know which one will favor you most in terms of their call rates, data bundles/plan, promo and other enjoyable services. For example, on my own personal glo line; whenever i recharge am always given free credit(for both inter and intra-network calls), data bundle and so on. So , if you don’t know your package then you’ll be suffering silently cuz you don’t which of the plan will be most favorable to u.

Many persons always complain to me that whenever they recharge and start making calls ;their credit always run-off very fast.
It’s unfortunate that most/all service providers do place the subscribers on expensive tariff plan so as to maximize profit, but since you are innocent about it you just see that your credit is not always enough for you.
Do you know that you can actually talk for hours with little credit?, this can be so when you are on an affordable call tariff plan/package.

Dial the codes below as stated on their respective networks.

For Airtel: dial *121*2*1#
For Glo: dial #100#
-you may get a response like USSDC:ESME, keep dialing the code until it display ur tariff plan.
For Mtn: dial *123*1*2#
For Etisalat: dial *244*33#
After knowing your tariff plan and you wish to know the benefits of the plan or you wish to change to another plan, you can call the care center with this numbers.

Customer lines:
For Airtel: dial 111 or 121 (both working)
For Glo: dial 121
For Etisalat: dial 200
For Mtn: 180.

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