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Crucial Things You Must Know Before You Create A Blog [Part One]

According to wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web(www) consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts").
Now a days you find so many blog on net- either a personal blog or blog focused on profession acceleration.

In the last few years blogging has grown so greatly. Presently, there are blogs for almost everything on earth such as losing weight, fitness, DIY gardening(do it yourself) , learning a new language, advancing a career, or even making money online. As blogging developes, so are the anticipations of readers and standards required of bloggers.

Not all blogs are created equally - Some lack focus while others lack purpose.
When you are just starting out a new blog, you should really think of  how you can make it a successful one?

It is unfortunate that so many people jump on the blogging trend not taking their time to familiarize themselves with the basis or fundamentals of blogging and how to use it for online lead generation, and these group of persons do not go very far because of two main reasons. First, is that they fail to understand their roles, and secondly, they don’t meet the anticipations of their audience or readers.
Now, for you to avoid any such scenario or occurrence or experience that is why i have written these article, here, you will know the fundamental things should consider before creating your blog.

Especially those that are asking me, i want you to carefully go through what i have in stock for you.

1. What’s the Purpose of Your Blog?

WHY BLOG?  …………Do you create it just because others have a blog or your all friends all have their own blogs ? - You shoud know the clear purpose or aim of creating your blog.

There are numerous types of blogs and reasons for blogging, from networking to building brand authority, expanding your reach online, growing a business, providing oneself a creative outlet, and many more.
One of the benefit is that allot of people uses it as a platform to make great cash(money)  – if not turning their blog into a full-time revenue stream.
Blogs can directly earn income by monetizing them. In most cases, people monetize their blog by taking on advertisements.
But the purpose of your blog should be tied to your objectives and goals and it should be realistic.

Do not expect to get positive results immediately when you start blogging. when you realize the impact that your blog is going to have on an audience then, you can only achieve the desired results.  The bottom line is that you should have a purpose that will help you engage and inspire your readers or audience excellently.
While others create blogs for pleasure, others create blogs to educate and inform their target audience.

2. Your Target Audience

At the time you decided to set up a blog, you should already have in mind the audience that will access and read your blog. Do not just assume that everybody that comes across your blog will read it.
The only set of people that will read your blog posts are the people who obtain value from the information that you publish and share.  So increase the productivity of your blogging, by researching more about your audience, know their; (i) preferences, (ii) concerns, (iii) expectations, (iv) needs, and (v)their interests, by making this research it will guide you when writing posts for your blog.
Do not think/assume that what you’re going to publish will tick with your audience- you have to know your audience first,so that you can target them with the relevant content.

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3. Nature of Blog Content

You also need to decide ahead of time the kind of content(post) that you want to create and publish in your blog. Your purpose is your best guiding post as far as content creation is concerned.  If you want to create a blog so as to educate your audience then you should have more focus on informative/enlightening posts. And on the other and, if you want to involve your audience in prompt reactions, then you should focus more on trending topics and issues.

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Some readers are pleased or happy they are reading a very posts, while others may love reading lengthy and thought motivating posts – in the same vein, others persons may prefer online video marketing resources like training videos.
Whichever content and style you choose to make use of, a balance of contents will do you more and great good.

So Finally, it all depends on who you are targeting and what you want to achieve from your blog.

As seen from the topic of this post - this is the first part of this aricle. To really understand everything precept by precept and digest it, i divided it into parts.
So, always check back for the second part of this tutorial when it will be posted so that you will not miss anything.
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