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Six App Settings That Always Swallow up Your Mobile data

Most pc and smart phone users (android,phone,ipad,BB e.t.c) do suscribe
For data that will enable them to browse the internet and make use of series of apps on their mobile phone and pcs.

But even after using their money to subscribe for either daily, weekly or monthly packages you still find it difficult to use it till the day it will expire even if you are not
downloading or watching youtube and so on.
Sometimes you receive a message from your network provider sayingDear customer you have exhausted your data bundle bla bla bla.… which makes u surprise and at the same time annoyed.

The truth  is that most app are tricky, they contains some cunning features hat goes secrectly to consume all your data without your notice.
I will teach you how to get rid of those apps and finally take control of your mb.


6. Netflix: lower the data usage .

Most of us have been complaining about the over consumption of data by this app.Today I’ve got a solution  to that.

leave it in automatic mode or deactivate it ,by doing this you can use 1GB for almost 4hrs.Though you may nt get the exact quality u want but atleast it has helped u allot in saving large amount of data.

5. Youtube: HD videos.

We all know that youtube is a site where you can only get videos to watch or download and notin more.
After watching a movie that last for 1 or 2 hrs plus , nowadays after watching the first one it will take you to the next one without clicking it and you will not be told that you’re only left with little m.b …
I’ve found a stressless solution to that,which gives u the option to only play videos in HD when connected to wi-fi.
HOW TO: open ur youtube app ,enter settings>> play HD on wi-fi only and click to activate

4. Spotify: offline mode .

Allot of people today uses spotify  for their music needs  bcuz it’s cool( like about 75m in the world) and the larger percent of them streams online when dey listen their playlist especially when u put it on repeat and u,re just enjoying it not know that your data it disappearing bit by bit.
The simple thing you have to do is that on each of the album or playlist ,switch to “ Availble offline” ,by switching this, it will automatically download that particular playlist u are listening to, so you don’t need to be conneted to the internet again.I hope this will help to save your data.

3. Chrome:compresing pages.

When using chrome(google chrome)  on mobile there is an option that says reduce data
This features will compress the pages u visit. That is to say your browsing speed will reduce a bit ,but to me I think it worth it in the long run.
 HOW TO: open your chrome , enter settings>> bandwidth management>> reduce data usage. Click to activate then u‘re done.

NB: this method is only available for mobile devices.

   2. Facebook : Auto-play videos.

These days we find very interesting videos on facebook that looks so attractive ,but with the default auto-play features harms ur data.
So, you will see it below how you can restrict auto-play to only be active when using Wi-fi or turn it off completely .

Enter ur phone settings >> Facebook>>settings>>Auto-play and click on the option you prefer.

1. Google map :offline navigating.

Not many persons know that one can save certain map and use it offline.To download a map may take part of ur time but once u’ve downloaded it you can get it to use anytime.

● Goto the area you want to download and click the “three lines” menu .
● Click on OFFLINE area and click plus (+) symbol.
    you will be asked if you want to “download this area” ?
● Drag that area to the blue square, then , Click down.
Now you can access your map from offline areas.

With these six apps tips have mentioned , I belive u’ve learn allot and you will now be in control of your data.


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